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Blue Dog Bubbi Buddy

Blue Dog Bubbi Buddy

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The give back buddy collection was designed for gifting - every unique animal has a custom gift tag and celebratory phrase.

Featuring a plush friend to cuddle and a pacifier to soothe them, the bubbi™ buddy is the ultimate lovey. The bubbi™m buddy was designed to keep the pacifier close and clean, but the elastic loop is universal and can attach teethers, links or a different pacifier. The bubbi™ is the pacifier that we wish we had for our littles. The one piece design is the lightest weight in its class, designed with a parent-bonding nipple, and a dedicated buddy attachment hole, to leave the breathing holes for breathing. It's made of soft, food grade silicone and will keep babies comfortable, happy and calm. The super soft plush, the personality filled pacifier and the bright colors make it the perfect gift... But getting to give 2 meals is also something to celebrate!

  • size: 11" x 9"
  • age: 0 months+


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